Partners & Supporters


TU Berlin

Telecommunication Networks Group (TKN)

  • Falko Dressler (PI)
  • Jonas Kuß

Former members

  • Johannes Blobel
  • Nick Hainke
  • Jonathan Pagel
  • David Meier

University of Innsbruck

Institut für Mechatronik, Maschinenelemente und Konstruktionstechnik

  • Johannes Gerstmayr (PI)
  • Rene Neurauter

Austrian Research Centre for Forests

Department for Natural Hazards

  • Jan-Thomas Fischer (PI)
  • Michael Neuhauser

FH Kärnten

  • Robert Winkler

Funded By

The international cooperation project “AvaRange – Particle Tracking in Snow Avalanches” is financially supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG, DR 639/22-1) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, I 4274-N29).

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Supported By


Lambda4 Logo

supports AvaRange with their avalanche search and rescue prototype Smilla. Through this technology real time localization of the sensor systems is supported and AvaNode recoveries times are significantly enhanced, ensuring the success of the performed field experiments.


Nordkettenbahn Logo

supports the AvaRange Project by integrating our experiments in their daily avalanche security routines. Whenever avalanches control measures are necessary in the local ski resort
Nordkette, at least one of the AvaNodes is placed manually in the release area and records valuable data for out team. Through the high frequency of experiments AvaRange is able to improve the AvaNode system to a fully operational avalanche measurement device.