AvaRange News
Measurement Season 2021/22
   1 min read    Michael Neuhauser(BFW)
08.02.2022 - Kaminspitz Avalanche @Nordkette during the Experiments. The measurement season 2022 has come to an end and allowed us to record multiple avalanches. With the help of the Lambda4 rescue systems Smilla all sensors were recovered and accelerations, velocities and temperature evolutions were obtained for our “AvaNode’s”. Together with the University of Innsbruck, TU Berlin and the great support of Nordkettenbahn a new view into avalanches allows to uncover details of the avalanche’s core.
GPS Field Test Kühtai
   1 min read    Michael Neuhauser and Steffen Tuermer (BFW)
In April 2021 we did some field experiments, in Kühtai (Tirol), regarding the influence on snow on the GPS reception. Because the GPS data from the field experiments in March looks really promising, we want to know more about how much we can trust this data, when our AvaNode is buried in the avalanche. As a test site a football field close to ski area Kühtai was chosen. There was still a snowpack of 1.
First Field Experiments
   2 min read    Michael Neuhauser (BFW)
Due to the snow conditions in March 2021, the team was able to get 3 successful real scale snow avalanche measurements. The first measurement was done in Wattener Lizum, Mölstal, together with the Austrian Army and Höhenarbeit. Two avalanches were released in Mölstal, the second one (right side) then carried the AvaNode to the valley bottom. The two other measurements were done on Nordkette, Seilbahnrinne, with support of the Lawinenkomission Nordkette and Nordkettenbahnen Innsbruck.
Scanning the Test Area
   2 min read    Michael Neuhauser (BFW)
(BWF) Project work has finally started and we are now getting to know checking out our future test sites: The Nordkette near Innsbruck and the Bike Park at Mutterer Alm. Nordkette Already in summer we did some laser scans on one of our test sides, to get the digital elevation model in summertime. It is planned to install a permanent laser scanner on this test side, which would deliver us information before and after an avalanche was released.
AvaRange website online
   1 min read    Falko Dressler
Our new AvaRange website went online. We plan to use this to collect relevant resources on our DFG/FWF project AvaRange.