Workshop Innsbruck - Summer 2022
   2 min read    Michael Neuhauser(BFW)

In September 2022 we met together for the last recap before the winter and therefore experiment season starts again. First we inspected the test side Nordkette and tested our installed WIFI mesh and the avaiability of LoRa WAN.

September 2022 - Hafelekar, test side inspection for the winter season 2022/23, with Anselm Köhler, Jonas Kuß and Rene Neurauter.

We were quite lucky with the weather and had already some snow fall from the last days. This helped to fix some of the locations where the AvaAnchors are installed later this year.

September 2022 - Hafelekar, release area Seilbahnrinne already filled with snow in September.

September 2022 - Hafelekar. AvaRange - Field Experiment Team, with Jannis Aust, Jonas Kuß, Oscar Dick, Rene Neurauter and Anselm Köhler (left to right).

As the winter season is coming closer Anselm and Jonas are testing some new features of the AvaAnchors near the office of BFW in Innsbruck.

September 2022 - Hofburg, Anselm Köhler and Jonas Kuß testing new AvaAnchor features.

On the 22. of September we held a large presentation workshop and come together at the University of Innsbruck. In the first half of the day external partners (ANavS), foreman of this project (Felix Erlacher) and researchers with similar projects (Jan Beutel, Robert Winkler) gave us insight in their work.
Later on we had the time to discuss together the develop measurement system AvaNode and the so far collected avalanche data.

September 2022 - University of Innsbruck, Campus Technik. Workshop Team: Oscar Dick, Johannes Gerstmayr, Jonas Kuß, Rene Neurauter, Anselm Köhler, Felix Erlacher, Falko Dressler, Jan Beutel, Robert Winkler, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Patrick Henkel, Markus Lamm, Michael Neuhauser (left to right).

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